Information Rules
A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy

Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO,
Information Rules is that rare book that looks dispassionately and
intelligently at the Internet and its place in the history of economies
and markets. Authors Shapiro and Varian, in applying the tra-
ditional rules of economics to the emerging information market-
place, do readers a tremendous service. Anyone interested in par-
ticipating in this new economy will stand a far greater chance of
success if they follow the rules put forth in this book.
Scott Cook, Founder and CEO, Intuit
This is the story that needs to be told: the new way to look at
competition in the digital era. It's the book I've been looking for.
Mike Dolbec, VP for Business Development, 3Com
I have been up to my ears in this trench warfare of information age
competition for over 15 years and have never found a better
guide to tactics. I'd recommend this book as an excellent asset for
high-tech strategists. Skip that "fog of war" feeling and read this
book to find out exactly what your competitors are doing to
you and how best to make their nights sleepless as you compete
for the future.
Andy Grove, Chairman, Intel
An excellent book! It shows how economic principles apply in the
age of the Internet, by a combination of clear English, devoid of
jargon, and crisp and specific examples drawn from real life.
Barry Nalebuff, Co-author of Co-opetition and
Milton Steinbach Professor at Yale School of Management
Forget Econ 101. This is Econ 2001: state-of-the-art ideas that ex-
plain how the market for information works and when it doesn't
work. Accessible, historical, real-world and ultimately practical.
Capturing the value created by information-based products is a
tricky business. Let this book be your guide.
Robert Pitofsky, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission
There is no greater challenge facing the United States--indeed
the world--than to adjust private and public policies to take
account of the revolution in information technology. But under-
standing precedes any sensible debate. This book by two leading
academic economists, each with real world credentials and prac-
tical experience, offers a superb introduction to this challenging
and exciting new world, and the opportunities and problems that
accompany it.
Paul Saffo, Director, Institute For The Future
At last, a clear and eminently practical guide to the information
economy for executives and policymakers alike. Read this book,
and then keep it close by, for it is the perfect antidote to the hype
swirling around this brave new world of information, networks
and commerce. Long after todays fashionable management books
have been consigned to the recycling bin, Information Rules will
still be on your shelf, well-thumbed and often referred to.
Eric Schmidt, CEO Novell
Information Rules is the first book to describe network economics.
Shapiro and Varian explain all the crazy things we see happening
everyday in Silicon Valley and beyond. This book is a must for
every business that wants to survive in the new millennium.
Jay M. Tenenbaum, Chairman of Veo Systems,
and Founder and Chairman of
Information Rules is the indispensible battle manual for those on
the front lines of the information revolution. It is the first book to
articulate practical strategies, tactics and rules of engagement for
surviving and winning standards wars.